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'Those hurt most by the increase in mobile device searches are small local businesses unable to compete financially for page one or page two search results.

Why are mobile device searches NOT reaching most local businesses?

We have the simple solution to connect consumers to local businesses! Here's how:

Small business has always fought to compete with large corporations and big budget advertisers for local consumer business. For years Shop Local movements like "Small Business Saturday" (instituted by American Express) were promoted to highlight the importance of supporting local businesses.

However, the increasing use of mobile devices for local business search by consumers created a new problem for local businesses. With today's shopper, mobile devices dictate how consumers search to find your business and shop.

Companies with big "AdWords" budgets or those able to hire expensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals dominate results from the “major” search engines. provides the perfect solution that gives consumers the ability to find and shop local businesses while using mobile devices. JustFiBi perputuates the Shop Local America Movement  to give local businesses a marketing option that is dynamic, “feature-rich”, mobile friendly and very affordable for any size business.

Consumers using mobile devices can quickly and easily find locations, view products, videos, use click-to-call or to find deals, discount coupons and more. Local businesses can post events, job openings, classifieds, as well as products or property listings with descriptions that are mobile-friendly and convenient for mobile users.


In the age of online retailing, giants like Amazon and big-box stores like Walmart and Target, it can be challenging for small businesses to keep up. While online and big-box stores can present stiff competition for pricing and selection, there are many advantages and local benefits for consumers to shop local businesses instead.

Consider a city with a population of approximately 15,000. If every household in the city spends just 10% locally of what they currently spend elsewhere, and every business spends just 5% locally of what they spend elsewhere, the community would have an additional $40+ million dollars in revenue annually.

When you shop in your local city or community, the money you spend fixes roads, retains jobs, pays for local civic projects, and so much more. When small businesses thrive, they are able to offer more benefits to employees, donate to non-profits, and invest the additional revenue back into their businesses, employees, as well as the community. When small businesses experience growth, they are able to expand their goods and services, making an even larger selection available to those who shop local.

If You’re a Small Business:

Take advantage of the many marketing features and helpful tools on the website. There are some great features you can use to promote your local business like, videos, photos, deals, events, jobs, social media posts and so much more for you to use and from which to benefit.

JustFiBi – we're doing our part. Join the movement – Shop Local America!


Local Consumers use Mobile Devices to Shop - not Websites
Prepare Your Business with an Exclusive Mobile Business Directory
Because Web Sites are Losing Ground to Mobile Device Searches

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