Create An Ad Campaign

Create your own advertising campaign from inside your account in the "Members" area. Select "Advertise with Us" and you'll find a host of options including your daily budget. Add the amount you wish to spend into "My Wallets" and, when combined with your daily budget your campaign is on auto-pilot.

Display your business listing at the top of search results in the city and / or state you wish, as well as on the right of internal pages so that users will find your business faster.

In addition to your listing appearing in local searches, you can advertise your business in Just FiBi so local users find your business quickly. When you advertise in FiBi, you "Pay-As-You-Go". You set your dailiy budget. You control how much you spend. And, you control where your listing appears.

Positions available to advertise include:

  • Top of search restsults
  • Right side of internal pages
  • At the bottom of individual listings
  • On the home page of Just FiBi

Make sure your business is prominently display in Just FiBi - the "only" local directory of it's kind in the US.

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