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When you purchase a 6-month package for your listing, we'll add 6 months at no additional charge.

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  • Purchase a 6-month package for just $47.94 and get 6 months FREE!
  • Less than $.03 cents per day for a full-page listing with direct contact, map, reviews, ratings and more...
  • Update your business information 24/7/365.
  • Add images to your gallery and change them as you wish.

We give you more for less:

  • Classified ad section
  • Real Estate Properties section
  • Jobs list section
  • Products Display section
  • Deals or Coupons section
  • Events promotion section

Mobile Ready

FiBi is the only directory that offers all our services at the low monthly price of $7.99. But we've made it even more affordable. At less than 3 cents per day ($.026), you can increase your local sales using a platform that mobile users love. FiBi is very mobile-friendly, has no intrusive advertising, is simple, fast, and provides more services than any other directory - or search engine. We have what mobile users want!

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Or, search for your business listing. If you find your business listed in our directory, you may "Claim" your listing and enjoy all of the features within FiBi.

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