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These statistics highlight the importance local small businesses play in our national economy
and why supporting U.S. small business has become a national movement.

We created the ideal mobile marketing platform to help local consumers find and connect with local businesses. 

FiBi – The first, easy to use, comprehensive, ad-free, inexpensive, local business directory of its kind - with "FREE" reviews! You can easily browse our portal and find the product, service or company for which you are searching - and we're "mobile friendly". Just Find It - Buy It


JustFiBi.com is an online "Marketing" site for consumers and local small businesses nationwide.

So "how" is FiBi better and different than the rest?

  1. mobile "click-to-call" - call the business with a click from your mobile device.
  2. search by zip code and ONLY those listings within that zip code appear.
  3. NO "bait-and-switch" to some unrelated site, taking you away from your search results.
  4. image gallery (up to 5 images) for each paid listing - great for a restaurant to display their menu.
  5. logo appears next to business listing in search results - it makes the business stand out above the competition.
  6. 24/7 access for business listing owner - the listing is 100% the responsibility of the business owner.
  7. map to show address and directions to business - if you forget where the business is located, look at the map.
  8. a site completely free of pop-up advertising or other intrusive advertising
  9. priced less than "any" other directory - NO other directory or search engine provides everything "we" provide at just $7.99 per month.
  10. link to your Web site - right in the listing is a link to the Web site for that business.
  11. users can share with a friend - send the information directly to your friend and let "them" know what you found.
  12. users can contact your business directly - NO other directory or search engine provides direct contact via E-mail to the business.
  13. users can download a PDF of your listing - if they want to save the listing, they click on the PDF icon.
  14. each listing is a 1-page Web site - if you are a small business, or you don't want to deal with all that is necessary for a Web site, a 1-page listing in FiBi provides everything you need, and it's already "mobile-friendly".
  15. With every listing, the following is included:
    • Products - a separate page for you to display products you have for sale
    • Classifieds - create an ad for cars for sale, or something you feel would be of value to others
    • Events - post an upcoming event for the community, businesses, or whatever event you would like to broadcast
    • Properties - if you are a real estate agent you'll love the "Properties" feature where you can list multiple properties within your business listing
    • Jobs - if your company is hiring, this is the perfect place to post available jobs for local prospects
    • Deals - local businesses have sales, discounts, coupons or even happy hours they want consumers to find and this are is designed specifically for that

Wherever you live - New York; Montana; Texas; California - you can search any state, any city or any US zip code to find what you seek. So if you are visiting somewhere outside your local area soon, search what you need in FiBi before you get to your destination. Read the reviews for the businesses created by others who have used them.

We designed FiBi for local consumers and businesses alike to make a directory that is both easy to use as well as provides search results that are specific to the user. Our search method is programmed to provide local consumers with only local businesses. So when you search a specific zip code for a type of business, "only" businesses within that zip code (also matching your search term) appear in your search results. We allow only relevant search results.

For the consumer, that's perfect so they do not have to wade through unrelated search results (or ads) to find what they need. Users only find what is "local". For businesses, they are assured limited competition and usually appear on page 1 results.

You don't have to be a computer programmer in order to get your business listed in the top-10 results. All you need is to include a few keywords about what your business provides in the description of your listing.

Add your business logo. Consumers will see and select listings with a logo before the competition. Businesses can have several images in their "Gallery" to better display their services. And, if the business has products they would like to display, even more images can be added to the "Products" page for the business.

If you want your business to be found, Add Your Business listing to FiBi TODAY!


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