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Ideas, Tips and Strategies to create an effective marketing site on FiBI:

  • Category: First, pick the correct category(s) for your business. (selecting multiple categories to which you are not associated hurts search results for your business)
  • Business Description: FiBi has provided space for up to 10,000 characters to describe your business. You can take important information from your website and include it in your listing, or type whatever you wish. Keep in mind, your listing is not competing with your website. They are meant to complement one another to improve your search results and prominence to mobile device users. Using information that is already available on your company Web site or marketing literature will promote a consistent message about your company's brand. It helps to use pictures, images, and videos. It also helps your sales and traffic to include coupons: Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons and mobile ads get 3 times the clicks.

  • Keywords: Space has been provided below the description editor for keywords. Keywords are very important and you may add up to 10 keywords or phrases that consumers likely use when searching for your business. For example: a dentist that makes dental implants might use a keyword phrase like “dental implants” in addition to "dentist", or other services your business offers. And be sure to include those same keywords in the description for your business.

  • Business Hours: It is absolutely amazing the impact that listing your business hours has on mobile search results. (Make sure to include them)

  • Add Your Logo or an Attractive Image: We have found that an attractive image or logo will draw a consumers attention to your listing. (60% of searchers said that local listings with an image grab their attention more than standard listings).

  • Photo Gallery: Add some photos to your Gallery to grab extra attention and show off your work or products.

  • Deals, Properties, Classifieds, Products/Services, Events: These are dynamic ways to enhance your listing to get more mobile search traffic. Just imagine a real estate agent, for instance, with a few "new" listings that she/he wants to show immediately to a perspective buyer. The listings can be posted on the agents FiBi listing and the buyer can view it with photos and a full description on their mobile device from any city or state. (See the examples provided in the panel on the right side of this page starting with the "Classified". This is where these will show up on your listing.)

  • Ratings and Reviews: Rating and reviews are very important in search results. When your business shows it has been rated and has customer reviews, it is recognized by other consumers as well as helping increase favorable search results. Whenever possible, ask satisfied customers to click on the "rating stars" and post a review at the bottom of your listing.

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