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How to write an effective Press Release



Writing and distributing Press Releases should be a key component in any small businesses marketing toolkit!


Are Press Releases ONLY for BIG businesses or established "brands"?

Not these days!


With so many "Bloggers" and online media looking for content or articles (to include in their publications), your press release or article has a good chance of getting picked up and published to increase your exposure.

There are many reasons that online press releases are important to local business marketing: one major reason is the Search Engine Optimization advantages - always make sure to include keywords to drive traffic to your website or get additional media attention.

The low costs of writing and submitting releases or articles and the potential to reach additional consumers makes press release and article marketing a no brainer.

Are you ready to post a press release for your business?

Or perhaps you have written an article about your business you'd like to share.

If so, please read the following to find out how you can share your press releases, business information, product articles or create your own blog.

First, you'll need to A basic listing in Just FiBi is FREE, but you will want to take advantage of all the features (like posting videos, releases and more) with an inexpensive Standard listing for less than $8 per month.

Once you receive your verification message and comply, you'll be able to complete your business listing and utilize all of the marketing features, including posting your releases and articles.

When your article is published, tell your contacts to read, rate and review it to increase your SEO and drive additional traffic to your site.

Publish your press releases and general business articles in the "POSTS" section of FiBi.

You'll find it's pretty simple to create your article with our easy to use editor.



How to write an effective press release

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If you want good press coverage, you need to master the art of the press release. Here are some tips


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