Web Site is Dying

Prepare Your Business with an Exclusive
Mobile Business Directory, JustFiBi.com,
Because Today's Web Site is Losing Ground to Mobile! 


Mobile devices have changed how consumers search and make buying decisions.

Web Sites no longer have the greatest influence on consumer choices.

In fact, over; 50% of local searches do not occur on search engines, but on directories!


There’s a revolution taking place – a mobile revolution.

Actually, the revolution has already led to fewer people viewing and using websites in making decisions.

Global Mobile vs. Desktop Internet User Projection, 2007 - 2015E

JustFiBi.com is an inexpensive alternative that instantly offers what users want and more. JustFiBi.com, is formatted to provide an easy search that is mobile friendly, quick and gives the user fast, specific results to their search with NO advertising.

Consumers want 1 place to access every local business, and JustFiBi.com makes that possible.


One in Three Mobile Searches Have Local Intent (Versus 1 in 5 on Desktop)

Searches on mobile devices are 66% more likely to have local intent than a desktop search. Meaning people searching on mobile phones are usually looking for something locally. For instance, directions to a business or a phone number.

80% of Local Searches on Mobile Phones Convert to a Purchase or Visit
(Source: Search Engine Watch)

Commercial Intent is Significantly Stronger on Mobile

In a recent interview with Surojit Chatterjee, the head of global mobile search ads at Google, Chatterjee said:

“The time between intent and action is shorter on mobile actions.”

Since mobile searchers are often trying to find a quick answer to a present problem (Mobile is Transforming Local Shopping), they have stronger intent and are much closer to making a purchase than a desktop searcher.

59% of mobile users who look for local products/services visit the business on same day
(Source: The Mobile Movement Study)

So, depending on your business, mobile traffic may actually be more valuable than desktop traffic.

Today mobile devices are so prominent that they dictate how consumers view your current Web site, find your business and shop.


Mobile Internet surfers want “instant” everything. So, they want 1 place where they can easily go to search for every type of business – 1 place that is mobile friendly – 1 place that quickly gives the user fast and specific results to their search, and NO advertising. They want listing information without having to leave the search site.

That’s NOT what the mobile user finds right now with web sites. However, that is what they want. Regardless of your favorite search engine, mobile users don’t get what they want unless they use a specific on line directory.


Join the place where mobile users and desktop users can get the same information, as much information as they want, quickly, and without seeing a bunch of advertising in the listings, guaranteed.

Most small to medium businesses will be happy to know that the Web site as we know it today is dying because they are tired of the costs and headaches (as well as trying to keep up with technology!).

For tomorrow, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will eventually replace mobile devices in their current configuration and JustFiBi will replace most Web sites “and” search engines. JustFiBi is a bargain and the new “thing” that instantly allows you to create an on line presence from which mobile users will benefit – and so will your business.

If you haven’t taken advantage of our exclusive offers and created a listing in JustFiBi.com, you need to do that


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